Watch The Success of 2ne 1 Missing You Hit The Charts

Korean singing group 2ne1 is not strange to teens across Asia and even in the US. The 2ne1 Missing You is the latest ballad hit that will soon hit the international airwaves. Dressed in the St. Laurent, Minzy, one of the group’s members looked all grown up, looked stunning as well as the rest of the group. The group was very proud to be awarded last December 5, on the Mnet’s M Countdown, and soon be out doing their world tour next year, to promote their album and meet their fans.

Kpop fashionistas won’t be disappointed to see their favorite group because 2ne1 has something for their fans, and that is bringing right before them the last fashion which their fans can also buy and wear. Although the outfit worn by Minzy is from a signature brand, the fans can readily replicate the top, pants, coat and the hat to similar products to afford it.

As the group is busy preparing for their world tour, fans can see the 2ne1 “Missing You” in the net. Likewise, they can also read the reviews, snippets and read articles about the group. This is very interesting because this known kpop fashionista group’s site is made very interactive and written in a friendly manner which all of their fans can readily understand. As one searches the net today and look for the album of the group, they won’t be disappointed because a lot of fans are already sharing the information in the social media platform as well as the venue. Click to read more about Kpop Fashion.

Fans of the singing sensation, 2ne1 will soon see their favorite band member as they head for their world tour, and this is something that is worth paying for.


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